About Us

Airdd offers small-batch dried citrus fruit slices, with the highest quality of fresh flavours, long-lasting quality, and beautiful handmade presentation.

Inspired by our own love of fruit garnishes and beverages infused with citrus, we wanted to find the best way to enjoy the same fresh fruit taste - without the unnecessary waste. Whenever we purchased a bag of citrus fruit, it seemed we would use only a few slices before the fruit began to spoil. When using Airdd dried citrus fruit slices, you can take a few slices whenever you need them, and save the rest for another day.

After making a few batches of our own dried lemon slices and sharing them with others, we decided to create Airdd to give others the same great experience of delicious dried citrus. Whether you use them for water, tea, lemonade, or cocktails, each of our dried lemon slices will provide a healthy and refreshing twist of flavour and nutrition. You can even experiment by using our dried citrus fruit slices in dinner and dessert recipes! So go ahead and put a new twist on your old favourites with Airdd dried citrus fruit slices.

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